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Mechanical Seals

The scope of our mechanical seal product range far exceeds any other seal manufacturer. From small elastomer bellows seals used in millions of domestic water pumps to double mechanical seals that ensure maximum sealing safety and large, highly customized dry-running gas seals for mission critical high speed turbo compressors, John Crane has the right product for any application.

Our world-class rotating equipment technologies, paired with an unmatched breadth of applied engineering expertise, meet virtually all international standards including API 682 and help plants reduce maintenance costs, slash down time and improve reliability. When it comes to keeping your rotational equipment running 24/7, John Crane’s comprehensive range of mechanical seals and systems has you covered.

Developing new liquid hydrocarbon pipeline seals and 'NPSS' technology


A range of seals for mission-critical applications, designed to solve the application-specific challenges of each industry. From API 682 compliance for the oil and gas industries, using gas seal technology on our innovative pump gas seals to eliminate fugitive emissions, dealing with slurry in the mining and minerals processing industries, to the difficulties associated with maintenance on large pumps and rotating equipment — we have a solution.

Maximise plant reliability


Dry-running, non-contacting gas seals have been the industry standard since the early 1980s for turbomachinery. John Crane gas seals, separation seals and support, monitoring, control and conditioning systems — the heart of any reliable sealing solution — are constantly evolving to meet the needs of customers. The product portfolio is supported by unrivaled global service capability providing repair, retrofit, gas seal storage and reliability expertise, delivering total solutions throughout the product lifecycle.

API 692 specification


In industries like chemical, pharmaceutical, pulp and paper, and food and beverage, safeguarding and compliance with industry standards, avoiding contamination and efficiency are always top priorities. Our range of vessel and agitator seals optimize equipment performance, maintain product purity and conform to industry regulations, no matter where you are.

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Our range of mechanical seals, packing and bearing isolators combines advanced, thoroughly proven technologies with extensive industry expertise to create a range of products characterized by innovative design concepts and outstanding manufacturing quality. Tried, tested and effective solutions for virtually any application that deliver robust performance, reduced installation times and lower maintenance costs.

Reduce installation time


Create the optimum operating environment that will ensure outstanding seal performance and reliability. Our comprehensive range of engineered pressure reservoirs, gas seal control panels, heat exchangers and abrasive separators can be combined to produce the perfect seal support system for any application.


Designed to overcome rigorous challenges, our comprehensive suite of seal face technologies combat limited seal face lubrication that adversely affects reliability, cost and durability. Our engineers designed these face treatments to extend rotating equipment life through advanced micro machined patterns and features improving seal face lubrication that optimizes equipment performance. We deliver the right face technology for the right application.

Dynamic Lift Up-stream Pumping face technology overview
Mechanical Seals for Oil and Gas industry

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