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Save where John Crane has entered into a negotiated agreement with a customer or supplier, all sale transactions and transactions for the purchase of goods and/or services are subject to our standard terms and conditions as set out below.

John Crane Sales Terms and Conditions (Global) – for sales orders accepted from 1st August 2024 onwards

For all sales orders accepted by John Crane from 1st August 2024 onwards, please refer to our John Crane Sales Terms and Conditions (Global) below, which are translated for your convenience. Customers should note that the country in which the John Crane company accepting your order for goods and/or services is incorporated determines the delivery terms, governing law and jurisdiction that applies, as per Schedule 1 of our John Crane Sales Terms and Conditions (Global). E.g. if a John Crane company incorporated in Italy has accepted an order for goods / services from you, you should refer to the “Italy” row in Schedule 1 of our John Crane Sales Terms and Conditions (Global) to determine the delivery terms, governing law and jurisdiction that applies.


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** PLEASE NOTE: orders accepted by any John Crane entity in Germany will be subject to the John Crane Sales Terms and Conditions (Germany).

John Crane Sales Terms and Conditions (Regional) – for sales orders accepted prior to 1st August 2024

For regional John Crane Sales Terms and Conditions applicable for sales orders accepted by John Crane prior to 1st August 2024, please select from below:

Australia | Argentina | Belgium | Brazil | Canada| Canada (French)| Chile | China | Colombia | Czech Republic (ENG/CZ) | Denmark | France | Finland (English), Finland (Finnish) | Germany | Germany (John Crane Bearing Technology) | India | Indonesia | Ireland | Israel | Italy | Japan | Korea | Mexico | Netherlands | New Zealand | Norway | Orion | Peru | Russia | Saudi Arabia | Singapore | South Africa | Spain | Sweden | Taiwan | Thailand | Turbo Components and Engineering | Turkey | United Arab Emirates | United States | United Kingdom | Venezuela

Purchase Orders – Standard Purchasing Terms and Conditions – for purchase orders placed from 4th April 2019 onwards

For all purchase orders placed by John Crane from 4th April 2019 onwards, please refer to our Standard Purchasing Terms & Conditions for Goods & Services  published here.  By accepting orders for goods / services from us, you are accepting and agreeing to be bound by our Standard Purchasing Terms & Conditions for Goods & Services.

Purchase Orders – Standard Purchasing Terms and Conditions – for purchase orders placed prior to 4th April 2019

For all Purchase Orders placed by John Crane prior to 4th April 2019, please refer to the individual country Purchasing Terms and Conditions below.

Australia | Argentina | Brazil | Canada (English) | Canada (French) | Chile | China (English) | China (Mandarin) | Colombia (English) | Colombia (Spanish) | Czech Republic| France | Germany (English) | Germany (German) | Germany Bearing Technology (English) | Germany Bearing Technology (German) | Holland | Hungary (Hungarian) | India | Indonesia | Ireland | Italy (English) | Italy (Italian) | Korea | Lemco | Mexico | Netherlands | OrionPeru (Spanish-English) | Poland (Polish) | Singapore | Spain (English) | Spain (Spanish) | Sweden | Taiwan (English) | Taiwan (Mandarin) | ThailandTurbo Components & Engineering | United Arab Emirates | United Kingdom | United States | Venezuela (English) | Venezuela (Spanish)

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