Rigid Couplings

Rigid couplings, also known as rigid shaft couplings, are used to transmit power and rotation between the drive and driven equipment shafts. These couplings are not designed to accommodate misalignment. Instead, they can accommodate the load and upthrust from the driven equipment.

Rigid couplings are mainly used on vertical pumps, vertical turbines and vertical mixers where the coupling supports equipment weight due to a lack of thrust bearings in the pump.

Examples of rigid couplings include flange, sleeve or muff and clamp, and:

·       are ideal for vertical applications with no thrust bearing in the pump

·       support pump shaft and impeller

·       allow for the axial setting of the pump impeller

Unlike many rigid couplings on the market, John Crane’s Metastream® rigid shaft couplings have external adjustment holes to adjust the axial position of the pump shaft. This means that with our product, the setting of the pump impeller is easier.

Rigid Couplings Products

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