PTFE Bellows Seals

Understanding the need for reliable and long-lasting sealing solutions in challenging environments, our PTFE bellows seals are designed to meet your highest standards. Engineered to provide protection where chemical resistance is crucial, PTFE bellows seals maintain the chemical inertness of all process-wetted materials. This ensures superior performance and extends the life of your equipment.

The metal components, including springs and clamp rings, are strategically positioned outside the pump seal chamber. This design isolates them from direct contact with process fluids, providing an effective shield against corrosive substances to operate effectively in environments exposed to highly corrosive chemicals, acids, caustics and chemically active organic compounds.

Every surface of the PTFE bellows seals that come into contact with the sealed liquid is constructed from chemically inert materials. Metallic components are located outside the seal chamber and isolated from the process liquid. In addition, internal smaller metal components are coated with a protective inert material. Flexible PTFE bellows provide maximum corrosion resistance, eliminate the possibility of seal face misalignment and compensate for shaft run-out to promote low-maintenance, long-life operation.

The design of the PTFE mechanical seal also allows for frictionless movement within the seal, reducing wear and tear and extending the operational life of the mechanical seals. This feature significantly lowers maintenance requirements and enhances system reliability. Additionally, the seals exhibit exceptional leak resistance, contributing to the containment of processes and supporting sustainability by reducing environmental risks.

Key Features of John Crane's PTFE Bellows Seals:

  • Chemical Resistance: Constructed to resist a wide range of aggressive chemicals, providing durable protection for equipment in harsh environments.
  • Reduced Friction and Wear: Engineered to allow movement with minimal friction. This design reduces wear and extends the operational life of the seals, significantly lowering maintenance requirements and costs.
  • Leak Resistance: Designed to offer superior leak resistance, ensuring process integrity and addressing environmental concerns. This aspect is crucial for industries where containment and control of process fluids are critical.
  • Versatility: Suitable for a wide range of applications and operating conditions. This versatility is a testament to the innovative approach taken in their development, making them an ideal choice in corrosive environments.

As a leading PTFE bellows seal manufacturer, John Crane offers a comprehensive range of PTFE bellows seals tailored to meet diverse industrial needs and provide reliable protection against aggressive chemical processes. Whether the challenge involves acidic or caustic environments, John Crane's PTFE bellows seals offer effective and reliable solutions.

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