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As the inventor of the dry gas seal technology, John Crane has more installations in turbomachinery products than any other vendor. The product portfolio of compressor seals—either dry gas seal seals or separation seals, are covering any application and provide the lowest risk solution with the best performance and reliability. John Crane compressor seals are built to meet all international and customer standards including API 692. More than five decades of engineering expertise guarantee always sealing technology state-of-the-art, today and in the future. Our numerous Center’s of Excellence are close to the market, and an unmatched service network will ensure support anytime, anywhere.

Compressor Seals Products

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The Next Generation of John Crane Gas Seals


Aura® reduces operational and transactional costs using a patented polymeric sealing device.

Aura® 120NS

Narrow Section Dry Gas Seal

Aura™ 120 Narrow Section Dry Gas Seal

Do you want to retrofit to the latest gas seal technology? Aura® 120NS eliminates oil lubrication and the resulting need to address methane that has become…

Type 28AT

Non-contacting Gas Seal for Turbo Compressors


Type 28AT: The original gas seal, with a design pedigree stretching back over 30 years and evolving gradually, installed and...

Type 28XP

Non-contacting Gas Seal for Turbo Compressors


Type 28XP: Possibly the most popular seal in the range today, the Type 28XP builds on the 28AT design and...

Type 28EXP

Non-contacting Gas Seal for Turbo Compressors


Type 28EXP: The product for the most challenging and hostile environments with proven and independently audited performance to 425 bar(g)....

Type 28ST

Non-contacting Gas Seal for Steam Turbines


Type 28ST combines proven rotating groove technology and high-temperature secondary seals to reduce steam leakage by nearly two orders of...

Type 28VL

Non-contacting Gas Seal for Vaporizing Liquids


Utilizing proven spiral groove technology, the Type 28VL harnesses the rotational energy of the pump shaft to vaporize the process fluid at a controlled rate…

Type 83

Separation Seal (Contacting Technology)


The Type 83 is a dual-segmented carbon bushing assembly designed to prevent the migration of bearing oil to the dry...

Type 93FR

Separation Seal (Non-contacting Technology)

The Type 93FR is a non-contacting carbon bushing designed to protect dry gas seals from bearing oil ingress. Segments are...

Type 93LR

Segmented Lift-off Carbon Bushing (Non-contacting) Separation Seal

The Type 93LR is a non-contacting segmented bushing seal with a balanced lift-off carbon design that minimizes the gas consumption in both pressure and flow…

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