Do you want to minimize leakage from your pumps in an effective manner? This is a challenge operators and maintenance managers’ face on a daily basis, which can prove costly. John Crane offers a wide selection of packing materials in compression packing, automatic packing, floating packing and injectable packing. View our variety of packing types equipped to handle the vast majority of sealing solutions and available for nearly all applications.

Packing Products

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John Crane Mechanical Packing

Mechanical Packing Set


John Crane Packings are designed, engineered and constructed for specific services and applications. This is your assurance that John Crane...


Flexible Graphite Gasket

cranefoil lg

Crane-Foil® is a premium-grade flexible graphite gasket material used in a wide range of services, where conventional gaskets will not...


General-service Braided Synthetic Packings

1330 1332 1335 c1061 lg

John Crane styles 1332 and 1335 are cost-effective general-service packings constructed of the highest-quality synthetic fibers and lubricants....


Abrasive Service Polyimide Packings

1345 1349 lg

John Crane styles 1345 and 1349 are constructed of high-tensile strength, abrasion-resistant fibers. These packings service a wide...


High-temperature Graphite Braided Packings

1625g 1626 1635g n1635 lg

John Crane styles 1625G are the ultimate in packing, offering the ability to perform in both...


High-temperature Carbon Braided Packings

John Crane Packing 1650C/1655C/1627/G57

John Crane styles 1627, 1655C and G57 are high-performance braided packing offerings which have the ability to perform in...


Injectable Packing

1772 lg

John Crane injectable packing consists of chopped, braided packing fibers combined with a controlled blend of greases and lubricants, resulting...


Non-asbestos Sheet Gasketing

2160pac lg

John Crane 2160 and 4160 Packing provide maximum reliability and uptime. John Crane injectable packing consists of chopped, braided packing fibers combined with a controlled…


General-service Braided Graphite Packings

1320 1336 1340 lg

John Crane styles 894 and 1340 are cost-effective graphite general-service packing constructed of the highest-quality synthetic fibers and...


Food and Pharmaceutical PTFE Braided Packings

c1056 c1057 lg

John Crane styles C1056 and C1057 are specifically designed to service the food and beverage as well as chemical and pharmaceutical industries...


Abrasive, Chemical and Extrusion-resistant Packings

c1061 c1064 c1065P c1072 lg

John Crane styles C1604 and 1993 are ideal for abrasive services where packing extrusion and sleeve or shaft...


Braided Graphite PTFE Packing

c1065 c1070 sm

John Crane C1065 (Chemlon Graphite Fiber) and C1070 combine the chemical-resistant and low-friction generation characteristics of continuous PTFE filament yarns...

CPR Bushing


John Crane Packing CPR Bushing

The CPR bushing is designed to reduce or restrict process media from entering the stuffing box or seal chamber and...


Automatic PTFE Packing Rings

cvu lg

John Crane CVU and CVH sets cover a wide range of fluids, including acids, caustics and solvents at high temperatures...


Emission Packing Set

eps lg

John Crane five-ring, test-proven emission packing sets (EPS-1 and EPS-2) combine John Crane G58I and Crane-Foil® packing to provide the...


Braided Flexible Graphite Packing

g58 lg

G57, G58 and G58I are high-purity, high-strength interlace braided flexible graphite packings designed to handle a wide range of fluids....


Abrasive Service Aramid and Meta-aramid Packings

k1730 k1760 k1761 k1771 lg

John Crane styles K1730, K1761 and K1771 are constructed of high-tensile strength, abrasion-resistant fibers. Servicing a wide range of...

Lantern Rings

PTFE Lantern Rings

John Crane Packing Lantern Rings

John Crane PTFE lantern rings are widely used in applications where outside lubrication is necessary in order to keep packing...


Valve Stem Packing

live lg

Used to control valve leakage in inaccessible areas. Use of John Crane material allows for decreased inventory, along with reduced...


Mechanical Lip Seal

John Crane Packing MLS

Triple Lip Seal Designed to seal positive displacement pumps moving high viscosity fluids.


Refiner Packing Set

John Crane Packing RPS44

John Crane RPS44 is a packing designed for paper refiners. Made from expanded PTFE (with encapsulated graphite) and polyamide yarns,...

Soot Blower

Soot Blower Sets

John Crane Packing Soot Blower

Soot blowers are used for removing soot build-up from boiler tubes typically associated with fossil fuel burning and power generation....


Live-loaded Mechanical Packing Cartridge Seal

John Crane Packing LMPC

The Type LMPC is a cartridge seal designed for static or dynamic applications. This seal is mechanically loaded in the...


Valve Packing

vps lg

John Crane 5-Ring Valve Packing Sets are available in Standard and Utility arrangements. Standard Valve Packing: John Crane offers a...

Compressed Non-asbestos Sheets and Gaskets


Style 2160, Style 2161, Style 3160, Style 4160, Style 5160, Style 6160, Style 2732160 — Synthetic fiber w/NBR binder2161...

High-temperature Packing

HT Static Seals

879P and 879DW, 882G and 884G, 882K and 884K, 882SB and 884SB879P — Fiberglass (plain) 879DW — Fiberglass (with drop warp)...

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