Lantern Rings

PTFE Lantern Rings

John Crane PTFE lantern rings are widely used in applications where outside lubrication is necessary in order to keep packing lubricated, cool and flushed of abrasives and chemicals. The use of lantern rings greatly increases the life of compression packing, resulting in less maintenance and downtime over the life of the equipment.

PTFE lantern rings will handle a wide range of fluids, offering maximum corrosion resistance and, unlike metallic rings, will not gall or score shafts or sleeves. They have also been successfully used in bearing assemblies as a conduit for grease or oil. The lantern ring works in aiding movement of the lubricant without risk of contamination or excess stuffing box wear.



  • California Residents: PROPOSITION 65 WARNING
  • Made from virgin or glass-filled PTFE, these products are precision-molded or machined and engineered to meet customer specifications. They are available as split and half-rings, for easy installation and maintenance, or as solid rings.
  • Applications — Centrifugal pumps, vertical turbine pumps, boiler feed and condensate return pumps, wastewater, slurry, and sludge pumps, pulp and paper stock pumps, agitators and mixers, positive displacement pumps, etc.
  • Standard sizes — Up to 22" outside diameter available. All sizes, including metric, are available upon request. Provided as exact sizes or in strips. Rings are also provided in splits or halves for easy installation.
  • Fluids — Acids, caustics, grease, hydrocarbons, liquors, oil, paper stock, pulp, slurries, solvents, wastewater, and water.

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