Type 2715T

High-temperature Single and Dual Metal Bellows Cartridge Seal for Dean Bros. Pumps

The Type 2715T is available as a single or dual high-temperature cartridge seal for Dean Bros. pump models R434, R454 and R484, and are optimum sealing arrangements for hot-heat transfer fluids. The seal is available with hard faces for handling carbonizing heat transfer fluids and an integral pumping ring in dual arrangements for effective circulation of a barrier fluid.



  • California Residents: PROPOSITION 65 WARNING
  • Available as a single or dual cartridge for Dean Bros. R434, R454, R484 pumps
  • John Crane edge-welded metal bellows
  • Optimum seal arrangements for high-temperature heat transfer fluids
  • Fits pumps that are packed or sealed
  • Flexible graphite secondary seals - no thermal degradation of the secondary seal
  • Available with silicon carbide or tungsten carbide face for carbonizing heat transfer fluids
  • Integral pumping ring for dual arrangements — no thermo-siphoning or expensive auxiliary pumping system

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