Type 59U

General Purpose DIN, Multi-spring, PTFE Wedge Seal

A DIN seal for general low- to medium-pressure duties in the chemical, refinery, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries. Alternative seat designs and material options are available to suit product and operating conditions of applications. Typically applications of a corrosive nature, cryogenic and high temperature.



  • California Residents: PROPOSITION 65 WARNING
  • Complies with European Standard EN 12756, formally DIN 24960, ISO 3069 and API 610 specification for the petrochemical industry.
  • A versatile design with multiple material options for the widest range of liquids and temperatures.
  • An unbalanced seal with the advantage of being a very short unit fitted to a straight through shaft.
  • Multiple S-rings ensure even face loading while compensating for acceptable shaft misalignment.

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