Slurry Seals, Packing and Seal Systems for Mining and Minerals Manufacturing | John Crane
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Mining and Minerals

With decades of experience serving the mining and minerals industries, John Crane understands the need for greater equipment reliability and maximum performance in harsh environments. To solve these challenges, we engineer application-specific components and offer a wide breadth of services aimed at reducing maintenance costs and lowering total cost of ownership. Our 200+ rapid-response facilities provide comprehensive repair and support services across the globe.

Specialized Products

John Crane is a recognized innovator in the design, manufacture and supply of engineered components for the mining and mineral processing industry, including:

Slurry Seals

Slurry Seal — Type 5840: Perfect for general purpose abrasive slurry applications

Heavy-duty Slurry Seal — Type 5860: Built to thrive in harsh slurry environments

Flushless Cartridge Seal — Type 5870: Allows cool and clog-free performance in light slurry applications

Split Seals 

Type 37FS and 37FSB: Combats axial run-out and vibration problems

O-ring Pusher Seals

Process Duty Seals — Type 5600 Series: Accommodates severe O-ring expansion in harsh environments

Heavy-duty Cartridge Seal — Type SB1/SB2: SB1 is intended for typical mining and mineral industry applications; SB2 is optimized for severe applications

Light Slurry Seal — Type FFET: Ideal for abrasive and crystallizing duties

Elastomer Bellows Seals

Type 4111: Suitable for use with aqueous solutions, engineered to reduce installation times, lower maintenance costs and optimize equipment performance


Styles K1730 and K1771: Constructed of high-tensile strength, abrasion-resistant fibers for excellent chemical resistance, dimensional stability, resilience and conformability

Style 1345: Constructed of abrasion- and chemical-resistant fibers that accommodate a wide range of abrasive and slurry services, temperatures, pressures and shaft speeds

Styles C1064 and 1993: Ideal for abrasive services where packing extrusion and sleeve or shaft wear are a concern

Style 1340: Cost-effective, general service graphited packing designed to handle a wide range of fluids at moderate to high temperatures, pressures and shaft speeds

Style 1335: Cost-effective, general-service packing constructed of the highest-quality synthetic fibers and lubricants

Power Transmission Couplings

A Series: Urethane element couplings known for quick installation without moving prime mover or driven equipment

L Series: Designed for demanding industrial applications with a scalloped hub for the shaft

Seal Support Systems

SafeJet — Automatic Seal Water Filter: Includes self-cleaning micro filter

Safeunit™ Ultima: Controls and monitors seal water flow

SmartFlow: Reduces up to 97% of seal water usage

Mining and Minerals Services

John Crane services can help extend the life of mining and mineral applications and increase production by limiting unplanned downtime and identifying opportunities for improvement:

Equipment Service

John Crane Equipment Service assists with critical systems checks and plant equipment maintenance as well as repair, removal and reinstallation services.

Reliability Support

John Crane Reliability Support services assess equipment reliability and performance, analyze root cause failures and recommend strategies for improvement.