A Series

Wrap-fit Urethane Element Coupling​

John Crane’s Powerstream® A Series coupling provides a solution to one of the most persistent and troublesome problems facing maintenance personnel, as well as the periodic coupling failure and the downtime and expenses that go with it. If a new insert is needed, a replacement A Series insert can be installed in under a minute without moving either the prime mover or the driven equipment. Watch the video for to learn more: Click here to watch video​

Unlike tire couplings that will add axial loading on your equipment bearings as the equipment runs at higher speed, the A Series design allows you to easily replace the insert without moving either piece of equipment.​

The A Series design is compact and fully conforms with ATEX, ANSI and ISO requirements. The design can be supplied in close coupled, spacer and dual spacer versions to cover your equipment needs. The close coupled hubs and spacers have six or eight teeth on one end. The spacer shaft hubs are all made using high grade carbon steel. The split insert, which is made of specially compounded urethane, fits over the hub / spacer teeth. The retaining ring is made of steel and is located with two setscrews. Bolts are supplied with the spacer shaft hubs and a specially formed thread is used in the spacer piece to lock and retain bolts in place during operation without the need for any other locking mechanism. ​

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