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The Power to
John Crane provides the technical expertise and innovation to prepare companies for the 40% increase in energy consumption expected by 2035.

Empowering Global Energy

The world depends on energy services companies to power our lives. And energy companies depend on John Crane to keep their operations running efficiently. We develop innovations needed for mission-critical operations and challenging environments. Ensuring greater reliability. More uptime. And rapid response when customers need us. As a driving force for 100 years, John Crane has the engineering experience and technical expertise needed to empower global energy.

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John Crane Marks 100-Year Anniversary March 9

Today, a century after the Crane Packing Company launched in Chicago, Illinois, John Crane is a global leader in solutions for process industries—and still makes enough of the company’s original products every year to reach nearly to the moon.

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We serve our customers with a combination of technical expertise and quick response time, supporting mission-critical operations in the energy services sector and other major process industries.

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