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This calculation tool is designed to provide an estimation of the associated costs, energy requirements and greenhouse gas emissions associated with operating a rotary shaft seal on a centrifugal gas compressor. The tool is designed to evaluate five different sealing technologies:

  1. Scenario 1. Traditional oil seal and the associated seal support system with seal leakage vented to atmosphere.
  2. Scenario 2. Traditional oil seal and the associated seal support system with seal leakage vented to flare.
  3. Scenario 3. Traditional oil seal and support system fitted with an enhanced leakage recovery system which captures seal leakage and redirects it to an alternative value adding use.
  4. Scenario 4. Non-contacting dry gas seal and the associated seal support system venting to atmosphere.
  5. Scenario 5. Non-contacting dry gas seal with a seal gas recovery system scavenging atmospheric emissions and returning them to the compressor.

This tool allows you to estimate gas compressor seal lifecycle cost for sealing solutions on a comparative basis to assist in decision-making when specifying capital projects or upgrading existing rotating equipment technology.

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Populating the input information

The gas compressor seal lifecycle cost estimator gathers a wide range of input data for the existing compressor and shaft seal and each of the shaft sealing technologies. The input data is grouped into common attributes listed in the “Inputs” menu.

Each Input parameter is initially populated by a default value that represents a typical value that can be used in the event that specific information is not available at the time of data entry. Some or all of these default values can be changed to customize the results for your scenario. The results will of course be influenced by the values of the variables used during the calculations. You are encouraged to research the existing operating parameters and utility requirements of the existing sealing system you are using. John Crane can provide guidance with estimating parameters when evaluating upgrading from an oil seal system to a dry gas seal system.

After completing the input of data at each input section, click the “Next” button to save the changes made before moving onto the Input section.

Terms of use


Calculating the results

Retrofit and Operating Cost Definitions


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