John Crane mechanical seal used in Norway’s Northern Lights—a carbon transport and storage project

September 2, 2022 | 3 minute read


Northern Lights is part of a project known as Longship. Longship is a carbon capture and storage (CCS) project backed by the Norwegian government that includes the capture of CO2 and transport by CO2 carrier ships from industrial capture sources to safe storage.

Longship is designed to increase the knowledge of CCS technologies that could be key in tackling climate challenges and help create a blueprint for international CO2 transportation and storage and the development of a global carbon trading market. It is therefore one of the first complete CCUS supply chains from capture to transport, utilization and storage. John Crane is supplying key sealing technology in several stages of this supply chain like loading/unloading terminals and CO2 carriers.

Cargo pumps and mechanical seals

Svanehøj is among the industrial partners for the project. They will be supplying pump systems for two ships—built with pressurized cargo tanks, that will transport the CO2 to the ships for transport.

John Crane is supplying Svanehøj with Type 59U DIN standard PTFE wedge seal for their pumps. The Type 59U is an unbalanced multi-spring DIN 24960 seal with a short unit fitted to a straight-through shaft for:

• general chemical applications such as oil refining, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries

• marine applications such as cargo pumps

• use with corrosive fluids and for cryogenic and high-temperature applications

• adaptability to operate with a wide range of liquids and operating conditions

Environmental impact

The UN Climate Panel and International Energy Agency report that the capture and storage of CO2 will be important in tackling climate challenges and CCS is a key decarbonization technology for industries such as steel, cement, hydrogen production, and others to reduce emissions. The Longship project, therefore, contributes to creating climate solutions for the future.

John Crane is a market leader of enabling solutions for carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) and a trusted partner to help your company lower emissions and increase equipment efficiency. We are actively investing in new carbon dioxide sealing and filtration technologies including next-generation sealing for supercritical CO2 and liquid removal from CO2 fluid stream. We have 200 global locations delivering innovation and service to help you succeed. Learn more here and contact a local expert.

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