Pumps & Systems Names Jonathon Amos to 10 Pump Professionals to Watch 2021 List

A list of up-and-coming pump professionals under 40 years of age

CHICAGO (December 7, 2021) ― Pumps & Systems Magazine recently named John Crane’s Jonathon (Jon) Amos, Systems Engineering Manager in Tulsa, to its 2021 Top 10 Pump Professionals to Watch list. The list of up-and-coming professionals—all under 40 years of age—were chosen for the roles they serve in, the education they’ve completed, the boards and associations they belong to, and the effort they put in to contributing to their companies and communities.

Jon began his career in the industry at a local pump company in 2010, which eventually led him to taking on his first role at John Crane. In his current role, John strives for positive change, leads by example and plays a role in new product launches.

“Jon is extremely thorough and takes the time to fully explain an issue before suggesting solutions. He understands who his stakeholders are and how they are impacted by his decisions,” said Jim Wasser, Global Director, Design Engineering. “Jon has successfully mentored many engineers within his relatively short career, which has resulted in high-performing John Crane engineers.”

He is always working on growing his knowledge and experience through both internal and external seminars on industry topics and equipment to help him solve new challenges and problems. Jon enjoys the constant supply of new issues to address in the industry.

“Different process conditions, OEMs and end users mean that every project brings a new set of challenges and a new learning experience,” Jon said.

Going forward, Jon is excited to see how the industry responds and adapts to environmental concerns and regulations.

“The pandemic has reinforced my view that the industry is robust,” Jon said. “Despite the challenges everyone faced, there was still demand for equipment and companies had to find ways to produce.”

For newcomers in the industry, Jon recommends, “Go to Gemba; don’t investigate a shop floor issue from your desk―go and see the issue.”

When asked what was on Jon’s bucket list, he said, “I would love to go to space and experience zero gravity and see the earth from another perspective.”

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Congratulations to Jon Amos on this prestigious recognition.

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