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Read about the innovative ways we’re growing to help meet the world’s energy demands.

John Crane Launches New TLKI Electrically Insulated T Series Coupling Variant

01 October 2021

Customers will benefit from the elimination of installation challenges when using heat to install interference fit hubs.


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John Crane Introduces New Global Standardized Plan 54 Designed to Fit a Wide Range of Challenging, Dual Pressurized Seal Applications

12 May 2021

John Crane, a global leader in rotating equipment solutions, supplying engineered technologies and services to process industries, today announced the launch of its new Global Standardized Plan 54 (GS 54), an API Plan 54 support system designed to fit a wide range of challenging, dual pressurized seal applications.

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10 Pump Professionals to Watch

13 January 2021

Pumps & Systems named John Crane’s Yanhui Xu, Director, End User Sales and Service at John Crane Tianjin, to its 10 Pump Professionals to Watch 2020 list.

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Hot Pumps & Thermal Expansion

13 January 2021

High-temperature pumping applications can be found in nearly every industry. Learning how to handle them is critical to ensure reliable operation.

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Managed Reliability Programs Improve Performance of Key Rotating Equipment in the Oil & Gas and Process Industries

13 January 2021

Process industries that implement comprehensive managed reliability programs into their facilities to improve key asset performance accumulate a broad base of recorded engineering and maintenance knowledge on their systems and processes.

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