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Asset Management

Condition monitoring is essential to operations optimization because it helps identify opportunities for improvement by analyzing real-time system data. But it can also pose a significant challenge due to a wide variance in applications, components and historical data. To collect meaningful data that translates into practical improvements, John Crane fully tailors every solution to the system being analyzed.

With John Crane Asset Management services, clients can get a holistic view of their current system and spot unleveraged opportunities. We evaluate the entire system to address problems before they occur, thereby improving uptime and limiting unplanned maintenance. Our solutions ultimately help increase production and lower total cost of ownership by reducing maintenance expenses. 

John Crane condition monitoring services analyze assets across all systems — related or unrelated, wired or wireless. Using our proprietary equipment-monitoring software, CBM360, we can even leverage previously collected data to yield more complete, historical analyses. Depending on whether they’re assessing individual components or conventional machine performance, our engineers may perform any of the following to collect data on-site or remotely: 

  • Vibration monitoring
  • Alignment analysis
  • Full root cause analysis
  • Upgrade analysis
  • Oil analysis
  • Electrical testing 

Once we’ve compiled the data, our specialists review it and organize their findings into clear-cut reports that can be accessed by both the client and any third-party providers they choose. This flexibility allows clients to work with John Crane for all of their condition monitoring needs or to augment current vendor support. We can also interact with the client’s computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS) to provide total support, from maintenance build and data loads to effective work order management. 

Contact us today to learn more about how John Crane Asset Management can make your operations more efficient.