UCAT-I Ultrasound Analysis Category I

The ultrasound technology is so versatile, and our course will teach you how to fully utilize the capabilities of the technology. In brief, you will learn:

  • Condition monitoring and reliability improvement
  • The theory of sound and ultrasound
  • How to take quality measurements
  • How to detect a wide range of fault conditions: bearings, valves, steam traps, electrical systems, and much more
  • How to detect leaks
  • How to precision lubricate bearings

Our course is filled with case studies, animations, and simulations that make the subject very easy to understand.

The training and accredited certification follow ISO 18436-8 and ISO/IEC 17024.

Congratulations on the decision to become an ultrasound specialist. Ultrasound is incredibly powerful and versatile, so there is a lot to learn. The good news is you are in the right place. Our UCAT-I ISO Category I course will set you up for success.

We will help you understand why ultrasound analysis is important. You will gain a solid understanding of the fundamentals of ultrasound, lubrication, and leak detection. You will learn how to take quality, dependable measurements, and you will begin the process of understanding how to diagnose common faults.

Once you complete the training, you can take the exam with confidence, and become certified to ISO 18436-8 Category I via the internationally respected Mobius Institute Board of Certification™ [MIBoC]. The MIBoC certification is accredited to ISO/IEC 17024 – there is no higher standard. You will join thousands of other Mobius™ certified analysts around the world.

Candidates who do not provide a record of passing the hearing test will receive conditional certification under which it becomes the responsibility of their employer to assess the candidate’s hearing acuity and their suitability to perform ultrasound data collection and/or analysis. This condition of certification will be noted on the candidate’s certificate as well as MIBoC’s website list of certified analysts.

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