Pump & Systems Podcast: Seal Water Reduction Strategies & Improvements in Water Quality

January 12, 2023 | 1 minute read


Ram Venkatadri, Global Product Manager, Process Filtration, and Bill Pritchett, Senior Key Account Manager, recently spoke with Pumps & Systems in a podcast episode about seal water reduction strategies and ways to improve water quality. In the episode, Ram and Bill chat with Drew Champlin, Managing Editor of Pumps & Systems magazine, about the following topics:

  • History and trends in sealing technology
  • What seal water is
  • The primary factor driving the need to reduce seal water consumption
  • Steps to reduce seal water consumption in the short term
  • Applications that generally consume the most water in a facility
  • What role water quality plays in reducing overall water consumption
  • What role clean water plays in cost reduction
  • Future trends in water savings, reduction and reuse

Click here to listen to the Pumps & Systems podcast episode.

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