Using seal technology to manage water use

Water is not an infinite resource. This may seem like an obvious statement, but for many people in the United States where fresh, clean water runs out of the tap for the most part without interruption or incident, it can be difficult to realize.


John Crane has been working for years with our partners in the water and wastewater treatment industry optimizing various sealing technology and solutions to improve reliability increase uptime and reduce water usage.


Listen to our water industry veteran William Pritchett discuss some of the most impactful changes brought about the evolution of sealing technology to influence the operational and financial considerations of your water use.


Some of the topics that will be discussed during the session include:

•          Reduce operating and maintenance costs with correct seal selection

•          Reduce seal expenditure with on-site or local seal repairs

•          Case studies where the correct seal technology has reduced maintenance costs and improved bottom line



William began his career with John Crane in 1979 focusing on the water and wastewater industry, most recently working on water reduction projects in Southern California. He is currently our water industry National Account Manager and has been a certified Fluid Power Specialist (Hydraulics) for the last 20 years. Watch the below video to learn more.     



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