Tackling the Top 3 Sealing Challenges in a Mine: Expert Engineering Panel Discussion

Our mining experts will discuss ways to counter threats to equipment longevity and reliability and share practical tips and tricks. The webinar identifies the top three challenges faced in mine pump sealing applications and pinpoints strategies to overcome them.

  • As mines are getting back online and experiencing high production demands after COVID- 19, which are under heightened pressure?
  • What trends exist to improve rotating equipment reliability?
  • Learn which factors influence the choice of sealing for slurry pumps.
  • The driving forces behind upgrading from packing to mechanical seals and the factors that should be considered.
  • Which sealing solutions overcome reliability threats to pumps that are prone to high shaft wear and excessive leakage.
  • Strategies to increase the reliability of slurry, underflow, and tailings pumps in severe-duty conditions.
  • Can seal face technology help reduce friction in slurry applications?


Meet the Panelists


  • Warren Paul Smith is the Mining Market Director with over 33 years of experience in rotating equipment processing applications across the mining and minerals market.

  • Stephen Taylor is the Canadian Mining Market Segment Manager. He has over 30 years of experience in seal design, performance, troubleshooting and installation for the mining industry.

  • Michael Kalodimos is a Global Product Manager with over 35 years of experience with seal application, manufacture and design in the mining industry. 

  • Tyler Smit is a Global Product Manager for John Crane Diamond™. Tyler has over five years of seal engineering experience specializing in severe-duty conditions.


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