Strategies to Save 2 Million Gallons of Water Annually

Reducing Fresh Water Usage in Pulp & Paper Plants

When it comes to maintaining productivity and reducing environmental impact in today’s harsh pulp and paper environment, pump efficiency and reliability are key to controlling expenses because they help reduce the amount of energy and water required by critical processes. The correct seal selection supports the industry’s move to reduce the environmental impact from the papermaking process by:

  • Limiting leakage from rotating equipment
  • Minimizing water usage required to support the seal
  • Reducing power consumption and heat generation at the seal

During this webinar you will learn about typical pulp and paper plant applications and the biggest challenges they face, including the importance of seal selection, and tools that can be deployed for seal water savings. You will also learn the results of a real-world case study so you can apply strategies and best practices in your own plant for increased success.

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