Retrofitting Compressors with Dry Gas Seals

Understanding the Environmental and Economic Benefits

Reducing cost while increasing production is vital for today’s process industries. Furthermore, increasing environmental expectations means Turbomachinery reliability is top of senior management’s minds.


Join us as we highlight how investing in retrofitting your existing oil seals to dry gas seal solutions can increase the reliability of compressors and other rotating equipment. From the environmental to the economic, we will explain the multiple benefits provided by retrofitting and what that will mean for your operations in the future.

  • Understand the economics of retrofitting from oil seals to dry gas seals
  • Learn how retrofitting can help you meet operation and production targets
  • Become aware of the best available technology to invest in to meet increasing environmental and safety expectations
  • Learn what is involved in executing a successful oil seal to gas seal retrofit


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Click here to calculate the long-term value of a dry gas seal retrofit for all oil-seal equipped centrifugal compressors with John Crane’s Lifecycle Cost Calculator.

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