Increasing MTBR for CI02 Applications in the Pulp & Paper Industry

In a recent webinar, John Crane panelists discussed how a southeastern pulp and paper mill used one seal standard design to serve both low and high pressure sealing on its chlorine dioxide bleaching processes CI02 transfer pumps. They also demonstrated how upstream pumping technology allows the creation of a high pressure, low volume lubrication delivery system, providing a clean environment for the seal to operate which improves pump performance and mean time between repair (MTBR).

The mill chose John Crane’s engineered Type 5620 upstream pumping non-contacting seal face treatment to improve MTBR and reduce water waste. As a result, the mill has increased MTBR by 71% and is saving up to 63,000 gallons of water per year, per seal, since the upgrade was completed.

Over the course of this webinar, Pearley Lachance, Mike Compton and Nolan Anderson of John Crane demonstrated how adding upstream pumping face technology to mechanical seals improves processing and reduces seal wear by: 

• Optimizing mechanical seal performance

• Reducing friction and seal wear for increased uptime

• Conserving water

• Increasing MTBR

Meet the Presenters


Pearley Lachance

Senior Regional Engineer, John Crane

Joining John Crane in 2018, Pearley Lachance is responsible for providing leadership, technical direction and engineering support across the Southeast region. Prior to joining John Crane, Pearley held positions at General Electric, Invista and Exelon. He earned a bachelor’s in mechanical engineering from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. He also served six years in the U.S. Navy as a Machinist Mate on the USS Long Beach, CGN9.


Mike Compton

District Sales Manager, John Crane

Mike Compton is John Crane’s District Sales Manager in Norcross with more than 20 years of rotating equipment industry experience, which includes various sales roles at Centrifugal Pump and Fluid Sealing Industries, ITT Goulds, Flowserve and Eagle Burgmann. In this role, he is responsible for increasing market share with a focus on the pulp and paper industry. Mike earned his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Missouri University of Science and Technology.


Nolan Anderson

District Sales Manager, John Crane

Nolan Anderson is John Crane’s District Sales Manager in Baton Rouge with more than 30 years of industry experience. In his role, Nolan facilitates maintenance and process reliability improvements and recommendations on cost-effective operations for more than 30 papermill customers in Arkansas, Florida, Louisiana and Mississippi. Nolan earned his bachelor’s degree from Lamar University.

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