How to Boost Mill Profits by Reducing Gear Coupling Maintenance and Lubrication Costs

Reduce Mill Costs: Save up to $500,000 per day by Eliminating Gear Coupling Maintenance


  • Mike LeBlanc, P.E., Pulp and Paper Product Manager at John Crane
  • Tony Platt, B. Eng. at John Crane

The Mill Challenge:

Improving your mill’s bottom line by eliminating annual outages due to gear coupling maintenance, costs and planned downtime on paper machines, potentially saving the mill up to $500,000 per day.

Learning Objectives:

This webcast provides insights and real-world case studies that you can learn from and implement in your own plant, mine, or mill for improved results.

  • achieve mill productivity goals with conversion to infinite-life disc couplings
  • maximize critical pulp machine life through lower imposed loads due to lighter weight
  • improve torque capability and transmission reliability on paper machines lower maintenance costs and downtime
  • improve paper machine reliability
  • eliminate frequent lubrication expenses and annual maintenance costs avoid unplanned and planned paper machine downtime that can reduce mill profits and output
  • increase pulp production capacity to higher levels

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