September 23-25, 2019

John Crane at Water Environment Federations Annual Technical Exhibition and Conference 2018

Visit Booth #6027 to learn how our products keep your pumps, agitators, blowers and mixers operating at peak efficiency.

WEFTEC is the largest conference of its kind in North America and offers water quality professionals from around the world with the best water quality education and training available today.

Going to WEFTEC?

Visit John Crane booth #6027 for a chance to win a pair of Bose® QuietComfort 35 wireless noise canceling headphones!

Dynamic Lift Up-stream Pumping

Dynamic Lift / Up-Stream PumpingJohn Crane’s unique, engineered, non-contacting Dynamic Lift / Up-Stream Pumping face technology borrows from gas seal designs to deliver a breakthrough in liquid sealing allowing:

  • Reduce flush usage to 1-2 gallons per day
  • Increase mean time between repair
  • Reduce seal leakage to atmosphere when compared to a pressurized dual seal
  • Deliver a simple support system ensuring face lubrication without the cost of a pressurized barrier system

John Crane Diamond™

Diamond Face TechnologyJohn Crane recognizes the advantages of using one of the Earth's hardest materials to improve mechanical seal reliability and performance in difficult applications involving poor lubricating fluids, liquids above their atmospheric boiling point and abrasive slurries. Extreme wear capabilities are perfect for increased durability in multiphase applications.

John Crane Diamond can be used with seal families such as:

  • T5600 Universal Cartridge Seals
  • 8600 High Performance Seals
  • 48VBF Boiler Feed Water Seal

T4111 Single-use Elastomer Bellows Cartridge Seal

T4111 Single Use Elastomer Bellows Cartridge SealThe T4111 is a revolutionary new single-use cartridge seal that simplifies the sealing process for applications using aqueous solutions on low-duty DIN and ANSI pumps.

  • Reduce installation time by at least 50% compared to packing and component seals
  • Slash lifetime costs by 20-30%
  • Minimize downtime by speeding up the repair process

Mechanical Seals

Universal Cartridge Seal T5620-5620-pT5600 series – Universal Cartridge Seals

The interchangeable components enable you to apply one seal family throughout your plant. This gives you the flexibility to cover more applications with less inventory, which means your maintenance is simplified, downtime is reduced, plant operating efficiency is increased, and costs are lowered.

Split Seals

Split Mechanical Seals

Our split seals use the latest modular technology combining the unique design requirements for wet-running and dry-running services onto one common seal platform.

Split seals are designed for fast and easy seal installation while providing reliable seal performance in demanding pump and other rotating equipment fluid services.

Slurry Mechanical Seal T5840

Slurry Seals

Our Type 5840 single-cartridge seal encompasses many of the advantages associated with heavy-duty seal design, encased in a cost-effective package. Designed for the volume requirements associated with general processing duties, it contains robust primary and secondary seal face materials, making it the perfect general-purpose seal for slurry applications.


Packing 1345-1349-1349hc

Packing services a wide range of abrasive and slurry services, temperatures, pressures and shaft speeds with excellent chemical-resistant characteristics. They feature dimensional stability, resilience, conformability and extrusion resistance.


Power Transmission Couplings A Series SPace Arrangement

John Crane A Series couplings provide a solution to one of the most persistent and troublesome problems facing maintenance personnel — periodic coupling failure and the downtime and expenses that go with it. If a new insert is needed, a replacement can be installed in minutes, without moving either the prime mover or the driven equipment.

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