Recap: John Crane at ACHEMA 2024

June 17, 2024

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We had a successful week at the  2024 ACHEMA in Frankfurt, Germany. ACHEMA is a leading international tradeshow for process industries that brings together experts, decision-makers and innovators from around the world.

John Crane featured the following products and solutions:

  • John Crane Sense® Turbo: Experience John Crane’s sensor-enabled dry gas seal technology that enables monitoring conditions at the heart of the compressor An innovative alternative to conventional, dual-contacting mechanical seals and seal support systems
  • John Crane Sense® Monitor: Lets you remotely track rotating equipment health so you can optimize operations while keeping your people out of harm’s way
  • Motion Amplification® Technology: See equipment movements brought to life, helping pinpoint issues and avoid unplanned downtime

Click here to learn more about John Crane Sense® solutions.

Additional products featured at John Crane’s booth include:

  • Equipment Filtration: Designed to maximize the reliability and safety of critical equipment, increase production, and reduce maintenance and unplanned downtime
  • Filter Elements: Developed to fit a variety of filtration system brands, meet the latest standards, produced in a variety of geometries and use metallic nonwoven filter media to optimize equipment performance and reduce operational costs
  • Process Filtration: Helps customers keep processes running at maximum efficiency to reduce contamination and increase the productivity of their operation
  • Pump Seal Support Systems: A range of fluid control systems, including barrier fluid reservoirs, heat exchangers, abrasive separators and pump seal gas control panels, designed to create an optimal operating environment and support the complete spectrum of industrial processes
  • Seal Face Technologies: Helps customers overcome rigorous sealing challenges, including limited seal face lubrication and severe service duties that adversely affect reliability, operational costs and seal life
  • Metal Bellows Seals: Reduces downtime and emissions; increases mean time between repair, productivity and return on investment; reduces the cost of ownership, lifecycle and operational costs, and inventory; and increases plant safety
  • Vessel Seals: Designed for enhancing equipment safety and performance while adhering to strict industry regulations

ACHEMA was an exceptional platform for exploring the advancements in energy and engineering, featuring John Crane’s experts. On June 13, Mike Kalodimos, Global Product Manager, presented his paper titled ‘From Oil Mitigation to Climate Control: A Review of CO2 Sealing in Pumping Equipment.’ He reflected on 15 years of success in CO2 sealing for horizontally mounted surface pumps, revealed the latest in mechanical sealing technologies, and shared best practices for the industry’s future. For more information on Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage (CCUS), click here.

Prior to this, on June 11, our team of specialists delivered a series of complimentary presentations:

  • Erik van der Wiel, Senior BDM, Hydrogen and CCUS, guided attendees through ‘Navigating the Hydrogen Landscape with John Crane’
  • Maximilian Meyer, Regional Engineering Manager, discussed energy savings and strategies to enhance efficiency
  • Andreas Klingebiel and Dennis Baier from John Crane Filtration explored ‘Filtration for Gas Compression,’ highlighting innovative solutions in the field

You don’t have to wait until ACHEMA 2027 to hear from us again. You can keep in contact with us  here.

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