Protect Your Plant: Defeat Downtime With Remote Asset Monitoring

May 27, 2024

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Unplanned downtime is often regarded as an inevitable occurrence. However, those outages are becoming increasingly costly. For instance, in the oil and gas industry, the cost of an hour’s downtime more than doubled between 2020-2022, reaching almost $500,000.

Despite this, poor asset maintenance practices are still commonplace:

  • Being reactive instead of proactive.
  • Only checking asset health periodically.
  • Not taking action until assets fail.

Even if you resolve the problem before failure, poorly performing equipment is still affecting your plant’s productivity — and your bottom line.

So where should you get started?

You Can’t Fix What You Can’t See

Monitoring the health of your assets is expensive, time-consuming and often dangerous:

Hiring and maintaining a team of equipment experts to manage asset health requires substantial financial and time resources. Additionally, replacing that experience as the workforce ages isn’t straightforward. Providing operators access with comprehensive asset health data equips them with the insights they need to make more impactful decisions.

Getting teams out to inspect asset conditions requires extensive planning, This often means inspections are carried out periodically. With this approach, whether it is weekly, monthly quarterly or even annually, there will be periods when your assets are left unattended, leaving you in the dark.

Offshore. Remote. Extreme conditions. Sometimes, your assets are located in hazardous locations — and often contain easy-to-miss trip hazards, like loose cables and debris. In these environments, your personnel are at potential risk every time they inspect or perform maintenance. Even a simple accident can lead to lost productivity, increased downtime, and potential regulatory fines.

Addressing all these challenges comes down to increasing your visibility. Because if you can’t see a problem until it becomes visible or halts operations, it’s already too late.

Here’s how John Crane Sense® Monitor makes that possible with remote asset health monitoring.

Protect Your Plant With John Crane

John Crane Sense Monitor is built to empower your operators with a continuous stream of data from your plant’s assets. No matter where you are on your digitalization journey, you can:

  1. Get Critical Insights
    John Crane Sense Monitor is a wireless, cloud-operated solution that transmits vital equipment information, such as vibration rate and temperature. This helps operators identify faults early, perform preventative maintenance and increase plant uptime. You can even take learnings from asset data and apply them across your entire fleet.
  2. Receive Expert Recommendations
    John Crane Sense Monitor offers near real-time data in easy-access, browser-based dashboards, and provides next-best action suggestions to help you avoid failures and downtime. You’ll also have access to John Crane’s Managed Data Analysis Services — where our experts can help you get more value out of your data.
  3. Access Comprehensive Data Anywhere
    The wireless nature of John Crane Sense Monitor provides 24/7 health information for local and remote assets, even in harsh and insecure locations. Its rugged design tolerates temperatures from -40°C to 85°C with a five-year life with user-replaceable battery.

Protection That Goes Beyond the Plant

Using a remote sensor to monitor the health of your vital assets goes further than protecting your plant. It helps you keep your personnel safer — reducing the need to send them to hazardous locations to monitor equipment and lowering the chance of dangers created by asset failure.

A proactive maintenance approach also helps protect your equipment performance and profitability. Less downtime means more productivity and by reducing unnecessary energy consumption, emissions and waste, you can operate more sustainably and protect our planet.

Protect What Matters With John Crane Sense Monitor

With John Crane Sense Monitor, your operators can make smarter, more effective decisions — sooner. That means:

  • Initiating corrective actions before failures occur.
  • Lowering the frequency and length of unplanned downtime.
  • Reducing maintenance and reliability costs while improving productivity.

Beyond protecting your plant, John Crane Sense Monitor also gives you the tools to protect your people and your profit.

To find out how it can work for you, get in touch today.

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