Protect Your Performance: How to Minimize Costs and Boost Efficiency of Your Plant Assets

May 27, 2024

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Enhancing the reliability of your asset status and performance is critical. It ensures your plant can benefit from longer equipment lifespans, increased reliability and optimized use of onsite operator’s time. 

Increasing that certainty starts with an effective approach to condition monitoring.

Continuous assessment of your assets’ health can improve safety and reliability, and safeguard your operational integrity. This helps maximize performance and output to protect your people, plants and profit.

It can also help reduce one of the biggest culprits of reduced productivity: unplanned downtime. Downtime now costs 50% more than it did in 2019-2020, with a sticker price of up to $260,000 an hour.

The Downsides of Downtime

The impacts of unplanned downtime ripple through the entire operation:

  • Operator productivity: Operators shift their attention from high-priority tasks to troubleshooting and repairs, detracting from value-adding activities.
  • Production timelines: Every minute of delayed output cascades into missed deadlines and reduced production capacity, impacting revenue generated.
  • Asset longevity: If machines are forced to shut down and restart unexpectedly, it can cause undue stress on mechanical components, requiring more maintenance and earlier replacement.
  • Customer trust: Issues with delays, quality control and inability to meet contract terms can potentially lead to damaged reputations and lost business.

All of that can negatively affect the bottom line if your team reacts to failures instead of proactively prevents them. Condition monitoring provides your plant with the capabilities to foresee and forestall potential failures before they lead to costly interruptions.

Unlock Better Plant Performance With Managed Data Analysis Services

At John Crane, we’re more than a mechanical seal company; we’re your partners in asset optimization, which includes employing our managed data analysis services for your operation’s benefit.

The advanced technologies that enable our wireless remote monitoring solution also analyze the data generated by vibration, temperature and other physical indicators.

This data is your key to an optimized plant.

By clearly understanding what the data recommends, you’ll minimize unplanned downtime and maximize return on the contributions of assets and operators. It will provide you with the visibility necessary for better forecasting and budget allocation.

The benefit is a productive shift in your team’s time and attention. Instead of intensive, on-site data capture, your team can utilize the recommendations from our remote data analysis. Those recommendations will guide teams toward their next-best actions instead of relying on best-guess maintenance.

Since John Crane Sense Monitor identifies patterns and highlights discrepancies and anomalies, your team will know ahead of time what preventative measures to put in place instead of relying on a reactive approach when a system falters or fails. There are ripple effects to the benefits of this approach: you can leverage insights generated by one asset (or even a whole plant) and apply them to other relevant assets, supporting an all-around smarter operation.

This fundamental shift in priority is the next big step for your operation’s reliability and savings.

A New Set of Best Practices That Help You Protect What Matters

Using John Crane Sense Monitor will change the way your plant works for the better:

  • Rugged resilience: The design of our sensors ensures reliability under extreme conditions, with an average battery life of five years. Installation is straightforward and quick, thanks to magnetic mounts that minimize setup time. This not only reduces initial investment but also lowers ongoing operational costs.
  • Strength, even in fewer numbers: Since John Crane Sense Monitor will take on the task of data capture, you can reduce the number and frequency of operators dispatched onsite, thereby protecting their safety while improving overall visibility.
  • Anytime, anywhere actionability: Your operators don’t have to be on-site to take meaningful action on what the data analysis recommends.
  • Right-time monitoring: Not all maintenance is created equal. By knowing the exact status of your equipment's performance, you’ll know what actions to take and when: scheduled maintenance, updates and upgrades at optimized times.

This leads to a more time-to-value way of working. Your operators will have the foresight and the agency to protect their teams and their plants so they can target, monitor, assess and correct bad actor assets all from the viewpoint of a single dashboard.

To see how John Crane Sense Monitor can protect your people, plant, and profit, get in touch today.

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