Protect Your People While Minimizing the Risk of Asset Failure: Here’s Where to Get Started

May 27, 2024

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While safety has been steadily improving across industrial sectors, it remains one of the biggest challenges facing leaders, and minor accidents can be expensive and disruptive.

For instance, in the oil and gas sector, a simple sprain and strain costs an average of $17,000 per claim and 57 missed work days. If your organization manually carries out plant asset monitoring and repairs, you’ll know that comes with a degree of risk.

When your personnel check the status of an asset, they often enter into potentially hazardous places. Even with the strictest safety protocols in place, it’s hard to eliminate all possible dangers.

We’ll explain how you can maximize the efficiency of your operations without putting your personnel in harm’s way. We’ll also discuss how our Managed Data Analysis Services can give you a comprehensive understanding of your plant asset health.

The Challenges of Minimizing Workplace Risk

An accident in the workplace can potentially result in the loss of a highly skilled worker for a prolonged period of time, which can hinder productivity. An industrial accident can also lead to lengthy investigations and the potential for reputational harm and legal action if the correct safety procedures aren’t implemented.

Put simply, there’s a lot at stake if things go wrong.

Safety records have steadily improved across sectors like energy and oil and gas. A combination of more stringent industry regulations, improved safety equipment and a growing emphasis on process safety management are helping reduce fatalities and accidents.

However, it’s impossible to eliminate all risks entirely. That is where we can help.

The Power to Protect What Matters

Accessing spaces with pinch-point dangers. Handling explosive equipment. Venturing into inhospitable natural environments. When your teams need to carry out in-person asset maintenance, they frequently face unavoidable risks.

Less-obvious risks (such as trip hazards) can also lead to accidents during routine inspections, in locations that would typically be regarded as non-hazardous.

But thanks to new digital tools, this in-person work can now be done remotely.

For instance, John Crane Sense® Monitor uses remote wireless monitoring to track the health of your equipment in near real-time. This can be crucial for creating a safer working environment.

Here are just some of the ways it can help:

Make smarter decisions with data analysis

With John Crane Sense Monitor, you benefit from our Managed Data Analysis Services. That means you can get clear insights into how your assets are performing, including vibration and temperature trends. When problems arise (such as bad actor assets or potential failures), it alerts your operators to the issue and provides them with a ‘next-best action’ to help fix the fault faster.

Visualize everything

From anywhere and at any time, you can understand how specific assets perform, without having to physically capture the data yourself. Digital sensors capture data from across your entire operation, allowing you to see what’s happening at multiple sites, 24/7.

Depend on a reliable stream of data

Our magnetic sensors are designed and manufactured to operate in the most demanding industrial environments. They can tolerate temperatures from -40°C to 85°C. So, wherever your assets are located, you’ll continue to receive the critical insights you need to monitor the health of your systems.

Protect Your People With John Crane Sense Monitor 

If you want to achieve the best of both worlds — maximum safety and maximum reliability — you need to empower your people with the right technology. This is where John Crane Sense Monitor comes in.

Receiving all the data you need from a safe distance helps you significantly reduce risk to your workers. By giving you the ability to continually monitor asset health and take immediate corrective action, it also helps you minimize unplanned downtime, better optimize your operations and avoid costly repairs that can occur if you lack real-time visibility.

To see how John Crane Sense Monitor can protect your people, plant, and profit, get in touch today.

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