John Crane at TAPPI PEERS 2023

22 January 2024

3 Minute Read

We had a successful week at the 2023 TAPPI PEERS in Atlanta, Georgia. TAPPI PEERS is an annual event that offers executive leaders, mill managers, superintendents, scientists, process engineers, and suppliers a comprehensive technical program focused on key operational issues. 


John Crane featured the following products and solutions:

  • Multi-Purpose Filter: Ensures contamination prevention by removing suspended solids from process water efficiently, from coarse particles to ultra-low levels (~1 mg/l or 1 ppm). Its metallic media and automated systems offer a continuous supply of clean water at high flow rates (up to 800 l/min or 210 gpm) and support water conservation by treating contaminated recycle water in plants.
  • USP Seal Face Technology: Helps overcome the most rigorous sealing challenges, improves seal and pump reliability, prevents unplanned downtime, reduces operating costs across a broad range of severe-service conditions, reduces water consumption and decreases energy requirements.
  • John Crane Diamond®: Helps customers overcome rigorous sealing challenges, including limited seal face lubrication and severe-service duties that adversely affect reliability, operational costs, and seal.
  • Asset Management: Delivers services to improve maintenance processes and increase asset efficiency, providing the systems and data needed to reduce maintenance costs and keep people and equipment safe.
  • Check out the below LinkedIn posts to watch videos of our industry experts discussing our products and service offerings:

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