Customized Upstream Solutions for the Oil and Gas Industry

June 11, 2024

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Customized Upstream Solutions for the Oil and Gas Industry

A Pivotal Moment for the Industry: Global Disruption, Regional Drivers and the Environmental Crisis

Global upstream operators in the crude oil and natural gas industry are looking for innovative technologies and solutions, including condition monitoring (CM) and maintenance engineering to optimize production and maintain profitability. They are also looking to improve operational efficiency while navigating the challenges of decarbonization and the transition to renewable energy sources.

John Crane recognizes the importance of effectively expanding global innovations in new energy sectors and understands how large-scale economic trends can influence the industry. For example, the energy landscape continues to be shaped largely by four disruptors: geopolitical factors, macroeconomic variables such as high interest rates and rising materials costs, evolving policies and regulations, and the emergence of new technologies. These disruptors can significantly impact demand, supply, trade and investment within the oil and gas industry.

Additionally, regional disparities in energy demand, infrastructure readiness, technology adoption, regulatory policies and socio-economic factors can either support or hinder the transition to new energies. It’s a complex world, and at the heart of it, we understand that one solution will not fit all.

Continued Investment in Upstream Oil and Gas

According to the International Energy Agency (IEA),“More than USD 1.7 trillion is going to clean energy, including renewable power, nuclear, grids, storage, low-emission fuels, efficiency improvements and end-use renewables and electrification. The remainder, slightly over USD 1 trillion, is going to unabated fossil fuel supply and power, of which around 15% is to coal and the rest to oil and gas.”

While the shift towards clean energy gains momentum, the oil and gas industry continues to play a pivotal role in meeting global energy demands given the substantial investment driving growth in oil and gas and, significantly, the upstream sector.

Sealing Solutions for Challenging Upstream Environments

John Crane offers a broad range of innovative solutions for the oil and gas industry. We support the industry in investing in low-carbon investment strategies, such as natural gas, hydrogen and carbon capture and storage (CCUS) and the extraction of crude oil and natural gas.

From remote onshore rigs to the FPSOs that revolutionized deep-water drilling, John Crane’s sealing solutions have performed reliably in the world’s most challenging upstream environments. We understand the delicate balance required to optimize production output, OPEX and CAPEX and we apply this deep domain expertise to every engineered solution. We’re proud to help our customers enhance the lifespans of critical assets through mechanical seals, seal support systems, filtration solutions and couplings that redefine reliability.

John Crane Diamond®

By equipping mechanical seals with John Crane Diamond seal face technology, upstream operators can extend seal lifespans and reduce equipment breakdowns amid harsh operating conditions. This revolutionary technology leverages nature’s hardest substance to increase reliability, mean time between repair (MTBR) and efficiency.

Upstream Pumping

John Crane’s Upstream Pumping seal face technology transforms the traditional concept of sealing by using non-contacting dry gas seal technology which increases MTBR, saves energy and helps customers reduce their carbon footprint.

Pump Seal Support Systems

A standardized support system is available to support our standard Upstream Pumping seals. Using a GS USP–R or GS USP–D system eliminates the need to design a custom system, saves costs, simplifies operations and minimizes space requirements.

Your Partner for the Oil and Gas Industry Today and Tomorrow

John Crane’s portfolio of products delivers technical innovation and is backed by the industry’s largest global service network and expertise. You can count on us to continue to invest in R&D to equip upstream customers to meet mission-critical challenges efficiently and effectively.

As pioneers of progress, we are committed to leveraging our legacy of technology leadership, innovative solutions and service excellence to help customers achieve their net-zero ambitions. We’re fully committed to supporting global efforts that address climate change and are taking steps to reach net carbon neutrality by 2050.

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