How Pumps & Compressors Enable the Hydrogen & CCUS Ecosystem

May 10, 2022 | 3 minute read



Frank Ma, Vice President, Hydrogen, CCUS and Clean Energy, recently spoke with Pumps & Systems in a podcast episode on how compressors and pumps enable the hydrogen and CCUS (carbon capture utilization and storage) ecosystem. In the episode, Frank chats with Drew Champlin, Managing Editor of Pumps & Systems magazine, about the following topics:

 The basics of CCUS

• Biggest challenges in how hydrogen and CCUS can help industry and country meet their ambitions

• CO2 and hydrogen transport

• Hydrogen sealing

• Types of industry advancements that handle stringent applications around higher speeds and higher loading that hydrogen compression can require

• Digital solution integration

Click here to listen to the Pumps & Systems podcast episode.

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