Seeing Into the Darkness of Seal Health

Protect the heart of your operations with John Crane Sense®


Change is everywhere in our industry and we’re all under pressure to spot efficiencies and do more with less while staying competitive.

As the impacts of climate change become clear and the demand for cleaner energy grows, we all need to find ways to work smarter to hit emission reduction targets, future-proof business and protect the world for future generations.


Digitization will play an essential role in helping the industry to meet these challenges. Today, only one-third of oil and gas businesses are approaching digital maturity. As the industry evolves toward a cleaner, greener and more cost-efficient model, that number must change quickly.


The Power of Digitization


There are clear opportunities for the oil and gas industry to adopt the kind of digitized, data-driven approaches that have transformed other industries―even if the technology that drives them is more complex.  


Put simply, when you don’t have the right data, you rely on estimates and approximations to make critical business decisions. When you do have the right data, you can move forward with facts―and confidence.


That’s why we developed the John Crane Sense ® platform―an industry-first technology that allows you to see what’s going on in the heart of your critical operations and make more informed decisions about maintenance and repair to reduce downtime and extend the useful life of your assets.


Digitization in Practice


John Crane Sense ® Turbo is our new digital solution for dry gas seals―and an excellent example of the way that digitization can drive new benefits.


The Turbo solution consists of sensors embedded into a dry gas seal that monitor process conditions and seal health.


By using John Crane Sense ® apps, you can monitor the seal from anywhere and receive alerts about process upsets or other operational irregularities. This allows you to respond immediately before manageable issues become more significant failures that require downtime.


It also ensures you’re getting the most out of your equipment. Traditional forms of seal monitoring provide some information, but they don’t give a complete picture or sufficient indication of a seal’s health. Understanding health is critical to shorten the duration of an unplanned shutdown. Knowing a seal is healthy can enable you to defer replacement, saving on both equipment cost and downtime.


Seeing Into the Future


Technology like John Crane Sense ® Turbo is only the beginning. As the move toward digital accelerates, new opportunities will be available to seamlessly connect data from other parts of your plant and ensure every decision you make is working toward the same goal.


Smart seals are a key component in meeting emission reduction targets―monitoring leaks that, unless identified and fixed proactively, will cost your operation and contaminate soil, water and air.


The future is only going one way―greater digitization of equipment, processes and plants. The John Crane Sense® platform can help you on your digital transformation journey, giving you the intelligence you need to hit tomorrow’s targets, enhance your brand reputation and protect the environment.

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