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John Crane offers flexible and cost-effective training solutions to improve the reliability and performance of your mission-critical rotating equipment. Whether you need virtual hands-on, competency-based training or on-demand digital classes to attend at your convenience, we understand the need for flexible and accessible technical training content. With the intent of making operations more efficient and lowering costs, we offer seven different John Crane Online Academy courses, including:

Mechanical Seal Basics: Learn how to evaluate and understand the basic working principles and construction of mechanical seals. This course will examine the five elements of mechanical seals.

Mechanical Seal Failure: Learn how to evaluate and understand mechanical seal failure. You’ll understand how to identify the typical failure modes of mechanical seals and apply troubleshooting guidelines to prevent issues from repeating.

Dry Gas Seal Basics: Learn the principles of dry gas seals and seal support systems for centrifugal compressors. By the end of the class, you’ll understand the importance of dry gas seal performance for overall process plant reliability.

Dry Gas Seal Failure: Learn how to identify and record physical effects of external influences on dry gas seals and how to apply troubleshooting guidelines to typical failures to prevent issues from repeating.

Couplings Basics: Learn the basics principles and operation. This course will review the types of couplings and the parameters for selecting and aligning couplings with different machinery types.

Seal Support Systems Basics: Learn the functionality of the various API piping plans, understand the differences between them and their usage. The course will examine how support systems help control the environment across the seal.

Filtration System Basics: Learn how gas filtration technology works, its basic principles and its operation. This course will introduce you to the API 614 standards and system design.

Our course schedule changes each month. All courses are offered in English and select on-demand courses are available in Spanish. Click here to filter and register for live or on-demand instructor-led sessions. 

John Crane Online Academy Overview

John Crane Online Academy provides online technical training and expertise to enhance the technical competency of maintenance engineers. We offer several types of 60-90-minute virtual instructor-led training course options:

Live Virtual Instructor-led Training (VILT): Courses cover a variety of topics providing end-user personnel, such as engineers, technicians, operators and mechanics, the knowledge necessary to optimize uptime by keeping their equipment running safely, smoothly and reliably.

Market-specific Expert Webinars: Designed for larger audiences, our webinars are presented by engineers, product managers and industry experts covering topics relevant to your unique processing applications and challenges.

Multi-day Customized Sessions: John Crane also offers multi-day customized sessions to meet your company’s needs. Available globally via newly installed state-of-the-art online technology in our Manchester, United Kingdom facility, your company will benefit from course content tailored to specific processes/facilities that address attendees’ actual problems and concerns. For more information, contact us at


To date, thousands of industry professionals have participated in our sessions. Of those surveyed, nearly 80% rated the courses a nine or higher on a scale one to 10.

“Great course. I learned a lot, and a lot of questions I had were answered. I highly recommend this course and I have suggested to others in the department to join the next course.”

“The course has been kept short, simple and content-wise was incredible. I would recommend it to my colleagues.”

“I liked the structure of case studies and how the chat was used for an interactive learning experience.”

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