John Crane Wins Best Repair Technology Advancement Category at Pipeline & Gas Journal Awards Gala


John Crane was recently recognized at the Pipeline & Gas Journal Awards gala on November 18 in Houston, Texas. The gala honors the midstream industry’s leading innovations and outstanding personal contributions.

John Crane’s Type 8648VRS with Non-Pusher Secondary Seal (NPSS) Technology was recognized as a winner in the Best Repair Technology Advancement category. The seal is specifically designed for difficult hydrocarbon oil pipeline applications with a focus on meeting the demanding requirements of pipeline pumping station duties. Available as a single, dual pressurized or dual unpressurized arrangement―with outboard seals also incorporating the same non-pusher technology―the seal can be configured to suit both the operator and pipeline needs. Read more about the product here.

Raul Escontrias, North American Pipeline Account Manager, accepted the award on John Crane’s behalf.

“It was an honor to represent John Crane at the Pipeline & Gas Journal Awards gala and the recognition this product received is well deserved,” Raul said. “The entire John Crane Product Development team demonstrated remarkable collaboration on this initiative. I am confident that John Crane will continue to produce valuable products and services for our customers, and I look forward to seeing more accomplishments like this one in the future.”

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