John Crane Joins Smiths Group in Global Recycling Campaign



Over the last year, John Crane recycled more than 5,000 metric tons of waste and improved our recycling rate by 4%, exceeding our annual goal of 2%. As a global manufacturing company, it is our responsibility to continue implementing best practices for reducing our environmental impact. In honor of Earth Day, John Crane is proud to join Smiths Group in its commitment to promoting a sustainable culture through the launch of its global recycling campaign.

Global Recycling Campaign Overview

The global recycling campaign is a Group-wide effort to educate colleagues on Smiths’ environmental initiatives and showcase teams and individuals across the business who are helping to drive sustainability at Smiths. The campaign will also provide tips on how colleagues can support these initiatives both at the workplace and at home.

The global recycling campaign has three main goals:

1. Help Smiths reach the recycling rate goal of 71% by the end of the fiscal year―the current overall Smiths rate is 69% and John Crane’s rate is 85%

2. Raise awareness about the importance of recycling at home, in the workplace and within our communities

3. Highlight John Crane and other Smiths Group colleagues who are contributing to recycling efforts―also known as #RecyclingHeroes

John Crane strives to pursue environmental sustainability in all aspects of our internal operations and customer relationships. Our commitment to recycling initiatives results in a safe workplace for employees, a reduced environmental footprint and state-of-the-art, efficient products and services.

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