We recently introduced our new commitment to diversity and inclusion. Our greatest strength is our people. When we capitalize on the differences in who we are, our cultural backgrounds, where we come from, the experiences we’ve had and the way we think, we produce amazing ideas and stronger results for both the organization and our customers. John Crane is proud to join Smiths Group in its global commitment to diversity and inclusion.

To foster our strength of diversity and inclusion, John Crane commits to:

  • Be receptive to input from our people and acknowledge that as an organization, this is a journey and we will learn and improve as we go forward.
  • Develop a comprehensive diversity and inclusion plan and issue a diversity and inclusion summary report each fiscal year, providing transparency in fulfilling these commitments and plan objectives. Provide communication and training on diversity and inclusion topics.
  • Improve the diversity of our candidate pools for recruitment. Reduce unconscious bias at John Crane, including in hiring and promotional decisions, internal business activities, and external interactions with customers and the market.
  • Support internal networking groups and site-based diversity and inclusion initiatives.


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