John Crane Launches DISCOVER Graduate Engineers Program


At John Crane, we are focused on developing tomorrow's leaders and strive to find individuals who have a passion for learning and innovation. We recently launched our new DISCOVER Graduate Engineers Program. Through this program, recent university graduates are immersed in the world of engineering through technical training and field experience.

Program Overview

As part of the John Crane DISCOVER Graduate Engineers Program, participants have a unique opportunity to complete a comprehensive 24- to 30-month program that includes four development phases. Each development phase includes technical and soft skills training combined with hands-on field engineering exposure. As operational needs permit, participants can join short-term assignments at one or more of our sites focusing on design/application, manufacturing, research and development and other technical areas. This program will help build the confidence needed to interpret forensic evidence and provide technically sound recommendations to customers.

DISCOVER Program Benefits

• Hands-on field reliability engineering experience

• Exposure to engineering, manufacturing and research and development

• Technical, soft-skills and Lean training

• Knowledge and skills proficiency development

• Career progression

• Long-term career development preparation

• Potential opportunities across Smiths Group divisions

Who should apply?

We are looking for ambitious and adaptable graduating students with a Bachelor of Science in engineering focused on mechanical, manufacturing, chemical or an equivalent. The DISCOVER program requires participants to be highly mobile and willing to work outside their location, including internationally.

Learn more about the John Crane DISCOVER Graduate Engineers Program on our website.

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