Meeting Energy Needs Under Stricter Filtration Regulations

January 22, 2019 | 2 minute read

Let’s face it: energy production is getting harder. According to the IEA’s New Policies Scenario, energy demand is expected to grow 37 percent by 2040—a staggering statistic for the world’s energy production companies.

However, with this uptick in energy demand comes the need for companies to follow stringent environmental regulations and standards when it comes to energy production.

In order to meet these standards, energy production companies must ensure they are operating at maximum efficiency—especially when it comes to gas seal performance.

API 614 Fifth Edition requires that seal gas must be free of solid particles up to four microns and larger; this standard must be met with 98.8 percent efficiency.

Production companies cannot afford to operate outside this margin of error. In doing so, they increase their chances of breakdowns due to contamination of energy substances. Contamination negatively impacts operations, resulting in increased maintenance, reduced production time and unplanned costs. To avoid the domino effect of contamination, companies must prioritize the installation of proper filtration. Filtration keeps your operation running at peak performance; it extends the life of your equipment and increases operational predictability.

Well-designed filter units play an important role in maximizing reliability and safety, which is why John Crane developed its series of specially designed fluid and gas filtration products. In 1990, we introduced non-welded, bolted filter constructions that resulted in significant space and cost savings and enabled easy maintenance. Other innovative features include integral double-block and bleed transfer valves, triple-stage filtration that addresses particle and liquid contamination within a single filter, and double O-ring sealing on gas filters.

John Crane offers a comprehensive range of oil and gas filtration products to significantly reduce contamination, increasing the efficiency of your operation. Our products are designed to work together in complex systems to ensure optimum filter performance. Patented filtration technologies provide filter elements that are able to remove liquids in addition to solids within a single unit. Our replacement elements incorporate John Crane's patented design features, ensuring maximum filter performance.

Scroll down to view an interactive infographic that highlights the critical need for companies to ensure proper filtration methods are in place when it comes to production.

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