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Why John Crane?

When you join John Crane―a part of Smiths Group―you will have the opportunity to put your engineering education to practical use through hands-on experience in a real-world environment. You will learn about the engineering principles behind our innovative solutions and see how those solutions are applied in the field to help solve the mission-critical challenges facing our customers.

Our commitment is to help you learn by providing you with the right engineering experience to form the foundation for your future career success.

John Crane DISCOVER Graduate Engineers Program

As part of the John Crane DISCOVER Graduate Engineers Program, you will have a unique opportunity to launch your career by following a comprehensive 24- to 30-month program that includes three development phases. Each development phase includes technical and soft skills training combined with hands-on field engineering exposure. As operational needs permit, you may have the opportunity to participate in short-term assignments at one or more of our sites focusing on design/application, manufacturing, research and development, and other technical areas.

Technical training and field experience are key components of the DISCOVER program that will help you develop the knowledge and skills needed to solve a variety of complex engineering challenges. As you advance through the program, you will learn how dynamic operating conditions influence our technology's performance and reliability. This learning will help build the confidence needed to interpret forensic evidence and provide technically sound recommendations to customers.

Advancement through each phase of the DISCOVER program is based on successful completion of all required training and the ability to demonstrate the required proficiency level specified for the knowledge and skill requirements related to our products and services.

Upon completing the DISCOVER program, career advancement opportunities may be available based on individual performance and potential, demonstrated experience, professionalism, personal preferences, business needs and management recommendation.

In this insightful video, hear from a few of the DISCOVER Graduate Engineers about their firsthand experiences in the program, shedding light on the transformative impact it had on their professional and personal development.

DISCOVER Program Benefits

  • International assignments
  • Hands-on field reliability engineering experience
  • Exposure to engineering, manufacturing and research and development
  • Technical, soft-skills and Lean training
  • Knowledge and skills proficiency development
  • Career progression
  • Long-term career development preparation
  • Potential opportunities across Smiths Group divisions

John Crane is a part of Smiths Group

Smiths Group, a global technology business listed on the London Stock Exchange (SMIN), is a world leader in the practical application of advanced technology. As the largest division of Smiths Group, John Crane enjoys the robust support necessary to continually develop new solutions that meet its customers’ current and future needs.

Who should apply?

We are looking for ambitious and adaptable graduating students with a Bachelor of Science in engineering focused on mechanical, manufacturing, chemical or an equivalent.

The DISCOVER program requires participants to be highly mobile and willing to work outside their location, including internationally. Interested students must be willing to relocate to an international field location for up to 30 months. The duration of field assignments is always subject to change based on business needs.

While participating in the DISCOVER program, multiple short-term assignments from your primary location of work may be required for periods of approximately two months. Short-term assignments may require temporary relocation to other field locations within the region or internationally or to one of our engineering, manufacturing, or research and development facilities located around the world.

DISCOVER a new adventure with John Crane and apply now!
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