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Seal Gas Filtration

Reduced sized and increased capacity, the new seal gas filtration system is optimized to reduce internal flow restrictions. Including a new coalescing filter element, it enables higher gas velocity through the filter media and lower saturated pressure drop.

  • API 614 / 692 full coverage
  • Coalescing performance <0.01 ppm
  • Energy reduction
  • >20% smaller footprint

Visit us at ADIPEC 2019, stand 3115 (ADOS) to discuss the new Indufil Seal Gas Filtration System.

Seal Gas Booster

Seal Gas BoosterReliable Dry Gas Seal performance is dependent upon a constant supply of clean Seal Gas at a pressure above that of the process, but when the compressor is stationary, there is no pressure differential within gas seal support system to ensure clean gas flow across the seal faces.  Using the new Aura standby gas booster, suitable, clean gas flow is provided to the seals, whenever the compressor is in a transient or standstill state.

  • Automatically-triggered supply of clean, dry process gas to API 692 requirements
  • Zero maintenance design delivers reliable operation and uninterrupted availability
  • NEMA Class 2 /ATEX Zone 2 & NACE approved materials

Visit us at ADIPEC 2019, stand 3115 (ADOS) to discuss the new gas booster.

Secondary Containment Seal for Plan 66A Crude-oil Pipeline Applications

John Crane Diamond

The SCB Secondary Containment Seal is a standardized, dual-bushing arrangement intended for use in conjunction with Plan 66A. It is used as the back-up to a primary seal and is usually incorporated into the cartridge. This seal is specifically targeted at crude-oil pipeline pumps, such as the 8648VRS. Additional capabilities include:

  • Restricts leakage beyond primary bushing at full pipeline pressure in the event of primary seal failure in both dynamic and static operation to 1500 psi g (103 bar g)
  • Enables upset to be detected, switched off, and pump shaft to coast down without significant release to the environment
  • Increases seal mean time between repair reliability in the most difficult crude-oil applications, and cane be used with 8648VRS ‘NPSS’ technology.

Visit us at ADIPEC 2019, stand 3115 (ADOS) to discuss the SCB Secondary Containment Seal.

Dynamic Lift Up-stream Pumping

Dynamic Lift / Up-Stream PumpingJohn Crane’s unique, engineered, non-contacting Dynamic Lift / Up-Stream Pumping face technology borrows from gas seal designs to deliver a breakthrough in liquid sealing technology. This allows operators to:

  • Increase mean time between repair
  • Reduce seal leakage to atmosphere when compared to a pressurized dual seal
  • Deliver a simple support system ensuring face lubrication without the cost of a pressurized barrier system

Visit us at ADIPEC 2019, stand 3115 (ADOS) to discuss how our Dynamic Lift Up-stream Pumping face technology can prevent unplanned downtime and reduce your operational costs.

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