Robert Sharman

Master Black Belt, Sustainability & Quality
Robert Sharman Headshot

Robert Sharman is the Master Black Belt, Sustainability & Quality, responsible for driving continuous improvement as a culture, leveraging Lean Six Sigma. As John Crane’s Master Black Belt, Robert works with his peers and wider teams to improve performance in customer service, delivery times, product quality and safety.

Since joining John Crane in 2018, Rob has held several senior positions in manufacturing and operations, focusing on advanced manufacturing and driving productivity.

Prior to joining John Crane, Rob spent 20 years in the aerospace and defense sector. He began his career in air accident investigations and then worked for the UK government as an industry and market analyst, industrial policy writer and advisor. Rob worked at GKN Aerospace, where he led global R&D for metallic technologies and the creation of GKN’s additive manufacturing business.

Rob received a materials science and engineering degree and a Ph.D. in additive manufacturing from The University of Birmingham.

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