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Coupling Support Tools

Tools to support John Crane’s coupling portfolio

LASE-A-LIGNTM Shaft Alignment System - Interactive Video

Precision alignment of rotating machinery is now achievable on a budget and has never been simpler than with LASE-A-LIGN.
LASE-A-LIGN is a high precision user-friendly alignment system incorporating functions to eliminate human error and optimize productivity. With its straightforward and intuitive operation, LASE-A-LIGN is a dynamic precision laser alignment measurement instrument that won’t overstretch the budget.
Click here for LASE-A-LIGN - Interactive Video

Easy Link USBEasy LinkLASE-A-LIGNTM EX Shaft Alignment System - Easy Link Software

With the EasyLinkTM program (Click here) you can produce professional reports using both measurement data and pictures and export to spread sheets such as Microsoft Excel®. Connection is via RS232 or USB (Click here for USB Driver).

EasyLinkTM is a trademark of Damalini AB