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Pedestal Assemblies

Power Generation Solutions

John Crane provides engineering and manufacturing services for the design of tailor-made pedestal bearing assemblies. Complex bearing assemblies consisting of a self-supporting pedestal housing, thrust and/or journal bearing, oil inlet and drain connections, temperature monitoring and oil lift modules.

Applications are customized to the specific requirements of the machine to ensure a cost-effective and reliable engineered solution for many power generation applications. Additional product features can be incorporated into the bearing design including electrical insulation, spherical seating, alignment shims, hydrostatic jacking and many more.

John Crane is a global supplier of engineered pedestal assemblies to leading equipment manufacturers for the power generation industry. For more information on our pedestal products, please contact us to discuss your specific application needs.

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  • Tilting pad and/or fixed geometry journal bearing configuration
  • Material options tailored to optimize each application
  • Preload options
  • Length/diameter ratio optimization
  • Additional design options:
    • Integrated thrust bearing
    • Hydrostatic lift
    • Oil lift control module
    • Electrical insulation
    • Temperature monitoring
    • Spherical housing or seating configuration to accommodate shaft alignment


Standard Materials

Cast iron or steel

Steel fabrications

Steel/White metal

CuCr/White metal

Size Limits


Speed Limits

Thrust: 524fps/160m/s

Journal: 427fps/130m/s

Load Limits


Recommended Applications

  • Electric Motors
  • Generators

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