Custom-engineering a Product

Custom-engineered solutions can help lower total cost of ownership by working with rather than against the application’s environment. Products that have been custom engineered for the precise equipment and exact environment they will be operating within can greatly reduce stress and wear on other components, leading to less unplanned downtime, greater equipment reliability and reduced maintenance costs from component failures. 

A plant may benefit from custom-engineered solutions if:

Current product designs are poorly suited to the application’s environment.

Extreme operating conditions — whether related to temperature, pressure or speed, vibration, frequent starts and stops, or long run times — can take a toll on the reliability and efficiency of a product. John Crane engineers are well experienced when it comes to designing products such as custom mechanical seals, hydrodynamic bearings and sucker rod strings for challenging environments. We currently have millions of mechanical seals and fiberglass sucker rods being used in mission-critical applications around the world.

Current products could benefit from alternate materials or design improvement.

John Crane’s eight global testing centers allow new designs and materials to be tested under real-world conditions to ensure optimal performance, durability and reliability. We are constantly innovating new solutions to meet our customers’ evolving needs — in fact, we’ve committed to increasing R&D spend by 15 percent each year.

A retrofit situation requires existing products to be repurposed.

As experts in applied engineering, we have decades of proven success with analyzing applications and engineering retrofits or conversions. If a client’s application environment changes, we can help with retrofitting, re-engineering or upgrading.

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