Turbomachinery Services

John Crane’s Turbomachinery Services Team is committed to maximizing your operating compressor performance by providing a comprehensive range of on-site and analytical capabilities. Our services include turbomachinery upgrades and retrofits and operational services such as diagnostics, repair and maintenance, consultation, and commissioning.

We understand that application downtime is inevitable, but it doesn’t have to be immobilizing. Decades of turbomachinery experience enables John Crane to deliver services to your exacting requirements, supporting your projects by:

  • Reducing maintenance costs
  • Reducing delays
  • Minimizing unforeseen OPEX and CAPEX

Regardless of the role, size or location of your plant, you can rely on John Crane to provide rotating equipment support. Our globally located turbomachinery service centers and more than 300 engineers worldwide allow us to quickly respond to failure investigation and technical issuesanytime, anywhere.

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John Crane's Turbomachinery Services are centered around our product expertise: high performance couplings, filtration systems, dry gas seals and seal support systems extend across all turbomachinery systems enabling us to provide the following:

  • Expert advice
  • Project specification reviews
  • Site-surveys and equipment health-checks
  • Reliability and environment upgrades
  • Project management

Hundreds of experts. Over 200 global locations. Innovation and service to help you succeed.

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