Redefining Seal Gas Filtration for API 692 Standards | John Crane
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Redefining Seal Gas Filtration for API 692 Standards

API 692 is the latest standard for Dry Gas Sealing Systems for axial, centrifugal, rotary screw compressors and expanders. In this webinar on Dry Gas Seals and Seal Gas Filtration, Mark Slotnick, as well as Rogier Verheijen and Brain Adamson share the John Crane in-depth understanding of the newest API standard and its implication for all segments of the Oil & Gas industry.  Taking a close look at key changes to specifications, the rationale and in-the-field benefits of API 692 are explained in a practical manner, including changes to operation and documentation.  Where applicable API 692 optimized products such as new filtration systems are discussed.


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