Recap: John Crane at the Hydrogen Technology Expo Europe

November 15, 2022 | 3 minute read



We had a successful time at the Hydrogen Technology Expo Europe in Bremen, Germany, on October 19-20. The Hydrogen Technology Expo Europe is the world’s largest hydrogen expo, dedicated to discussing advanced technologies for the hydrogen and fuel cells industry.

John Crane’s team discussed our commitment to investing in new hydrogen sealing, hydrogen filtration, digital solutions and technologies to support businesses in achieving their hydrogen goals.

Below is an overview of the products we showcased this year:

  • Pure-H2 Hydrogen Fuel Filter: Maximizes the reliability of critical equipment and can withstand the high mechanical stresses of continuous pumping operation and is ideal for use in hydrogen fuel stations
  • Type 28XP Dry Gas Seal: Seals medium- to high-pressures with improved chemical resistance and operates over a wider temperature range

It was a great show with many interesting and fruitful discussions around filtration and sealing requirements across the hydrogen supply chain.

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