John Crane Innovative Filter Upgrade Helps International Dental Air Compressor Company Meet COVID-19 Filter Efficiency Requirements



A German-based manufacturer of dental air compressors, dryers, suction devices and other equipment has an unsurpassed reputation for hygienic quality among dentists around the world. An innovation leader, the company developed the first oil-free dental compressors that are known for low noise and high power. The filtered air quality of these compressed air systems is critical for patient and doctor safety, especially in dental medical applications. However, the company grew concerned about the supply chain reliability of its existing bacterial filter supplier that was critical to its ongoing success.

After numerous discussions, the company considered John Crane as a potential technology-driven and reliable filtration partner that would also improve its compressed air products. John Crane custom-designed a new element that would meet all customer prerequisites. Today, John Crane’s new filter element is used in all the company’s products and marketed as filtering 100% COVID-19 bacteriophages, and meeting protection guidelines.

Read the case study here.

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